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west way towing ripped us a new one they charged us $ 400.00 dollars for towing a car hauler 7.7 miles. They keep us running from lot to lot for 7 hours while the bill went from 325 at 10am to 508 by 6pm. We still do not have our trailer at 6:13pm. We were supposed to pickup a boat and put it on the trailer for deliver in buffalo, NY on Wednesday. We lost business not to mention 400.00 in cash. I tried to threaten going to Better Business Bureau but after looking them up with numerous complaints and a rating C-minus they could care less. I talked to the manager - his manager - and the Better business contact. Different story each and every time. I also called in for a quote and it was only 250.00. They tried to extort double that.

We called the police but guess what they use this towing service. They responded but stated they did not have time for us right now. What a supprise.

They now have told driver he didn't own the trailer and we would have to prove that he had the rights to pick it up. I faxed a copy of my licenses and info on company giving him the right to pickup trailer. 6 minutes before banks normally close they stated I needed to have it nororized. After faxing this they stated I need articles o incorpation which a sole propritiorship does not need or have.

I then faxed them my tax bill. No go. I also faxed them my FMSCA docs that showed from the federal goverment that Jimmy R. Young was doing business as prime time. No go. I then faxed a copy of the title. Still no trailer. Stay away from these people West Way Towing Jimmy R. Young

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Olive Branch, Mississippi, United States #833743

west way is not fair. Scammers.



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